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Whee. [06 Jan 2005|08:51pm]
New journal. I'm now guns_and_candy. From "girls don't like boys, girls like guns and candeeeeeee." If you don't get it, sucks for you.

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[05 Jan 2005|10:56pm]

In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Spend more time surfing porn at work.

Get your resolution here

This was my first result...

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Revelation [05 Jan 2005|07:34pm]
If Ross and Klinke procreated, the result would be Sanjuro.


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Meme [05 Oct 2004|10:56pm]
If LJ Was a High School by Karen_Walker
Lunch Ladyc_o_r_v_i_d
Head Cheerleadersaikou_kenshi
Prom Queendantiston
Gang Memberfalling_petals_
Band Geekohimesamashinig
Theatre Geekeuropa_chan
Chess Club Captainskorchedutopia
Loner Goth Kidhyper_drum_girl
Class Clownyogakipper
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Never thought of Emma as the lonely goth type. Then again, I never thought of Ross as the cheerleader type.

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Yet Another Metal Thing in My Ear [04 Oct 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Screw the job idea. My excuse is that I think you need a worker's permit. Plus I'm lazy and I don't want to stop going to Seattle so often.

I got my ear pierced (again) today, this time on the cartilage (left ear). Still hurts. But looks awesome.

This is immature, but I find STDs hilarious. I just realized that this morning drinking coffee. Dunno why I thought of it--I wasn't even horny. Ah well. But seriously--so many people die or become sexually inactive just because they were too stupid or ignorant to use a condom when they were our age. And it's one of the few things we can get free, too. Ahh, I miss the condom fights in the girl's bathroom with Sus.

I have class on Wednesday, and about two week's worth of homework to do before then. I keep getting sidetracked and reading bits of my manga collection (I can understand over half of it now! Yay!) and reading from the art books I checked out.

Hahahahahaha, people are such annoying little fucks.

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Random Self-Loathing [23 Aug 2004|05:13pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Britta left today, and now my house feels too lonely and large. Daddy's away at Butte, MT, to get my grandmother to stop thinking everyone's trying to steal her money and/or kill her. I'm dissappointed that I never got to introduce Britta to Alee (and vice-versa).

I hold grudges too much. I still hate Hester for backstabbing me, for example. I've been better about it than usual, but I still wish that I could resolve everything with a good old-fashioned fight rather than talking and fuming about it.

I've feeling really ugly recently. Maybe it's being around Britta so much. She doesn't believe it but she's really cute. And I sort of look like Frankenstein on crack.

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Nice to Meet You. [26 Jul 2004|09:41pm]

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